STAR Lab Research Partners

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia LogoThe Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is Australia’s largest company and largest retail bank and has made a commitment to improving the financial wellbeing of customers and communities. CBA is partnering with Harvard STAR Lab to develop and test new approaches to helping customers, especially those on low incomes and at risk of financial hardship, to make better financial decisions, access support, and improve their financial wellbeing.


Hanes Brands LogoHanesbrands is a leading American clothing company, founded in 1901, that manages a global supply chain of company-owned facilities. Hanesbrands includes Hanes, Champion, Bonds, Playtex, Barely There, Wonderbra and other major clothing brands. Hanes has made commitments to reducing water and energy use, reducing waste-to-landfill, and switching to alternative energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint. Hanes has partnered with Harvard STAR Lab to test new communications designed to empower its consumers to make better-informed decisions for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

Qantas Airways

Qantas LogoQantas Airways is Australia’s flag carrier airline and the third oldest airline in the world (founded in 1920). Qantas is committed to leading the industry in sustainability, focussing on reducing carbon emissions by improving fuel efficiency, introducing sustainable fuel, and operating its world-leading offsets program (Qantas Future Planet). Qantas is partnering with Harvard STAR Lab to conduct joint research to maximize the positive impacts of these sustainability programs.


Gap LogoGap Inc. is a leading American clothing company and global brand, founded in 1969. It operates several divisions, including Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, and Athleta. Gap is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint by reducing waste and water and energy consumption and strives to improve workplace standards in its global supply chains. Gap is partnering with Harvard STAR Lab to examine the impacts of its sustainability programs for customer and employee engagement.

Alta Gracia

Alta Gracia LogoAlta Gracia is an American company that makes athletic apparel for the collegiate market. Founded in 2010, it is the only apparel company in the developing world that pays a Living Wage to workers in manufacturing facilities (independently certified by the Worker Rights Consortium). Alta Gracia products are currently sold in over 500 college and university stores across the United States. Alta Gracia partners with Harvard STAR Lab to conduct joint research to improve its communications with customers.


Energy Fit LogoEnergyFit is a start-up company in Australia with a mission to help people reduce home energy consumption and carbon emissions. EnergyFit provides customers with energy audit of their home and estimates how much they can reduce energy use by making different types of renovations, including replacing older appliances and installing insulation and rooftop solar panels. EnergyFit partners with Harvard STAR Lab to conduct research on how to optimize communications with potential customers to maximize take-up and reductions in home energy consumption.

Green Wallet

Green Wallet LogoGreen Wallet is a start-up company in Australia that has a developed a smartphone app with a mission to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint to net neutral or better. The Green Wallet app is a digital wallet that provides customers with a personal carbon footprint rating and makes it easy to switch home energy accounts to alternative renewable energy suppliers and bank accounts to carbon neutral banks). The app also makes customized recommendations for other carbon-neutral products and services and continually updates customer ratings. Green Wallet is partnering with Harvard STAR Lab to design and test product features and impacts.